Benefits of ForgeLife Solution Manager

Native Integration to the Liferay Core

The tight integration of the plug-ins into Liferay leverages your investment in security, user experience and administration. Because they are part of the native Liferay installation, plug-ins will run faster and more securely than external applications or services.


Like Liferay itself, our digital asset solution is highly flexible and modular. A ForgeLife implementation can include native plug-ins as well as additional linked services.


Because the ForgeLife Solution Manager is built to run natively in Liferay, it is inherently multi-device and multi-target aware.  Themes and features seamlessly support mobile devices including smartphones, tablets and virtually any desired target format.  Rich content layout and multi-format preview capabilities make quick work of publish-once-show-everywhere content management.

Flexible Data Management

Implementing digital asset using Liferay allows access to Master Data stored in the Liferay platform to help inform and personalize content, interactive videos, ads, promotions.  Want stickier users?  Combine social community, support, and cart workflows into one seamless experience that gives your users a comprehensive, quality shopping experience.

Cost Effective

ForgeLife is committed to making our digital asset platform the best value in total cost of ownership in the industry.

Easy Access to Customization and Support

Not just great software - get expert technical and developer support for your digital asset implementation, too.  ForgeLife provides comprehensive implementation and support services to customize your build to match your brand and workflow requirements, provide backend integration, and keep things running smooth with a dedicated and expert team of professionals.