We at ForgeLife are committed to building a complete eCommerce platform, which includes the following three major components: 

  • ForgeCart: a complete Java-based enterprise eCommerce shopping cart application, which consists of 25 end-user facing shopping cart portlets and several feature-rich portlets for mall or store administrators.

  • ForgeAds: an advertising solution with seamless integration of OpenX as the backend management of ads, 3 portlets for mall or store administrators, 4 display portlets for targeted rendering of ads that is based on user's online browsing history, user's profile, and web contents with the same tags or in the same category. 

  • ForgeBIRD: a Liferay-based business intelligent (BI) solution with seamless integration of JasperReports engine. Mall or store administrators can build and upload reporting templates to generate dynamic BI reports in tabular or graphical formats.

  • ForgeKB: a Liferay-based knowledge base (KB) solution that enables content creators and publishers to consolidate and manage the most accurate information in one place by authoring articles and organizing them in a hierarchy of navigable categories. Similar to MSDN KB article, ForgeKB can be widely used in different areas such as support and help desk. It can also be customized for other user cases.

​You are welcome to send us your feedback on Contact Us page or Forum page. Your input is very valuable to us and we greatly appreciate it.