ForgeCart Features

ForgeCart is a complete eCommerce solution that is based on Liferay Portal platform.

ForgeCart consists of 27 and increasing separate portlets, each with configurable UI. It is flexible enough to generate different views to meet your custom needs.

Key features in the ForgeCart Enterprise Edition (EE) include:

  • Product List ViewThe products are displayed in list view or icon view, which is configurable. Products can also be filtered based on tags or categories. Displayed products can also be further filtered by price ranges, number of views, number of sales, reviews, prices, and the dates to be added to the system.
  • Product Detail ViewWhen clicked, the selected product's details will be displayed with images, processing, review, descriptions, videos, attributes, attachments, among others.  
  • Basic & Advanced searchProducts can be searched with one or multiple keywords.
  • Faceted searchFaceted search of tags, categories, attributes and date/time.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Each product, order, wishlist, image or attachment has a unique SEO friendly URL for indexing and QR code image. All products' SEO URLs are auto generated in sitemap.xml. Multiple SEO features are available for search engines like Google, Bing and Baidu, etc.
  • Review systemSigned in user can post rating, review, comment, like/unlike and flag for any product. The Review system is a standalone component that can be applied to any object in Liferay, that means that a signed in user can write review with a product, an order, a vendor, and more.
  • Shopping CartGuest user or signed in user can add items to shopping cart, set up shipping address and payment method, and check out to finish the order.
  • Promotion & CouponProducts on sales display promotion price. User can get discount with coupon code.
  • Payment MethodsStore administrator can configure the online store to accept one or multiple payment methods. Accordingly, user can choose the payment method during the checkout process.

    ForgeCart currently supports the following payment methods:

    • Credit CardUser can pay by all major credit cards including Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, etc. The transaction will be processed by or PayPal.
    • PayPalUser can pay with his/her existing PayPal account.
    • Pre-paid AccountVIP user can set up a debit account in the online store and pay from the balance in the debit account.
    • Pay Upon DeliveryFor some stores with their own delivery personnel, user can choose to pay to the delivery personnel upon the delivery of the product(s) he/she has ordered online.
    • AlipayUser in China has an option to pay with Alipay, which is similar to PayPal.
    • Pay with Bank WithdrawalUser in China has an option to pay with direct withdrawal from his/her bank account.
  • Shipping & TrackingUser selects shipping method during checkout. Tracking of shipped items is available online.
  • My AccountSigned in user can add user profile, upload picture, change password, add one or multiple addresses, set up one or multiple credit cards on file for orders, and all review posts.
  • My OrdersThe complete order history is available for print and review.
  • Categories Cloud & Tag CloudDepict tags / categories on products; retrieve products by tag and / or category.
  • Wish/Compare/Latest/Related/Featured ListsUser can add products to My Wish List, My Compare List, My Latest List. User can also view related products and featured products.
  • Share by EmailProduct list, product, order, review, My Wishlist, among others can be shared by email. An unique SEO friendly URL is included in the email for convenient access to the shared item.
  • Native integration with Facebook, Twitter & Google+Product list, product, order, review, My Wishlist, among others can be shared to the user's Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts, with native integration.
  • ProductsMall or store administrators can create products online. A WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) online editor is available for creating product content and features. Images, videos, PDF files and other attachments can be uploaded to the product details in a drag-and-drop way. Multiple overview images will be generated automatically for multiple purposes. Attribute set, attribute and option model are also available for creating products.
  • ManufacturersMall or store administrators can create manufacturers, which will be used to show the originality when a product is created.
  • CategoriesVisualize categories with an image (multiple overview icons)
  • Multi-language supportForgeCart supports up to 43 languages.
  • Tags & CategoriesFor search, filtering and targeted rendering of related advertisements.
  • CurrenciesOne or multiple currencies can be configured in a store.
  • Attribute Set, Attribute & OptionFor product's attributes management.
  • InventoryFor product's stock (SKU) management - product level SKU, attribute-option level SKU.
  • SMSMall or Store administrator can configure the store to enable SMS services.
  • SMS HistoryIf SMS service is enabled, all SMS history will be available for store owner as a tracking history.
  • Email HistoryMall or Store administrator can configure email templates for different email purposes. The email history is available for the store owner for tracking.
  • Promotion Methods
    • PromotionsMall or Store administrator can create different promotions, which can start and expire at a particular date/time. For example, a Black Friday promotion can start from November 28 at 1:00 AM and end on November 31 at 12:00 PM. The promotion can be configured with maximum allowed usage times. the value (such as 15% off), the coverage range (such as all products within the store, all product of the same category, all product made by the same manufacturer, or individually selected product). Future or expired promotions are labeled in different colors. Administrator can also manually deactivate a promotion. All products eligible for the promotions will be automatically labeled with promotion icon.
    • CouponsSimilar to Promotions, Mall or Store administrator can create different coupons such as $20 off. A user can apply the coupon code during check out process.
    • Group ShoppingSimilar to Groupon shopping, Mall or Store administrator can create Group Shopping so that users can order the same product with big discount. The orders will be valid once it reaches a certain number orders.
    • Special OfferMall or Store administrator can create Special Order such as "buy one get one free". This can be applied to all products within the store, all product of the same category, all product made by the same manufacturer, or individually selected product.
    • Discount PackageMall or Store administrator can create Discount Package such as "Buy these two products together for a discounted price".
    • Gift CardMall or Store administrator can create different gift cards with different face values. A user can apply the gift card code during check out process.
    • Shipping CardMall or Store administrator can create different shipping cards with different face values or free shipping. A user can apply the shipping card code during check out process to save or waive shipping fees.
    • Award Points & RedemptionUsers can earn points by following pre-defined rules. Users can redeem the points for award such as free products. Users with high points can also be put in different categories such as VIP customers.
  • Sales Record
    • OdersMall or Store administrator can browse all Pending, Incomplete, Complete orders within the store. Each order detail is also available for search and sorting. The order detail is available for display online or in PDF format.
    • PaymentsMall or Store administrator can browse all Pending, Completed, Invalid, or Cancelled payments within the store. The payment is linked to the order detail.
    • ShippingMall or Store administrator can browse all Pending, Shipped, Delivered, Invalid (for example, due to wrong address) or Cancelled shipping within the store. The shipping is linked to the order detail.
    • StatementsMall or Store administrator can generate order statement reports for each customer of the store.
  • Customer Location on Google MapBased on customer's address, all customers of each store are dynamically labeled on the integrated Google Map for store owner's view.
  • Product management with barcodeAll products are centrally managed. Configurable barcode (for example, CODE 39, CODE 128, DATA MATRIX, PDF 417, QR CODE) is used for easy management.
  • Order management with barcodeAll orders are centrally managed. Configurable barcode (for example, CODE 39, CODE 128, DATA MATRIX, PDF 417, QR CODE) is used for easy management.
  • PaymentsAll payments are centrally managed; set up payments rules.
  • ShippingAll shipping are centrally managed; get rate, print label, and track; set up shipping rules; generate barcode image for tracking ID.
  • Settings
    • OrderSet up store preferences on order management.
    • InventorySet up stock-keeping unit or SKU in both product level and product-attribute-option level.
    • Tax (TaxCloud, AvaTax)Online service calls to either TaxCloud or AvaTax to dynamically calculate the taxes of the order. The tax is based on the shipping address.
    • Payment processingStore owners can set up the payment methods and according payment processing gateways. ForgeCart currently supports multiple payment methods including:

      Credit Card payment through or PayPal


      Pre-paid Account

      Pay upon delivery of products

      Pay with direct bank withdrawal

    • Shipping (FedEx, UPS, USPS)Configure the store's shipping methods and link the shipping to the vendor's shipping accounts with FedEx, UPS or USPS. Real time shipping rate will be calculated based on the shipping address and the product details like weight and size.
    • Shipping RulesConfigure the store's shipping rules.
    • SMS RulesConfigure the store's SMS rules, if enabled.
    • Award RulesConfigure the store's Point Award rules, if enabled.
    • LicenseAdd the store's license from ForgeLife online license tool.
  • DashboardMultiple dashboard features are available for store or mall administrator.
  • JasperReports integrationDynamic and online report generation & publishing and other report features are available in a separate distribution for store or mall administrator through the seamless integration with JasperReports.
  • OpenX integrationSeamless integration with OpenX for advertisements is available in a separate distribution.
  • Mall-stores concept, with hierarchy

    The same system can be used to create a mall-stores concept, with multiple stores in one mall and the hierarchy relationship can be enabled.

    Mall administrator can create and configure multiple stores, each store is independent. The products and other configuration setting in Global store are available in each individual store.

    Mall administrator can create reports for individual store, and combined reports for multiple stores in the mall.