Running Liferay-based Portal Site on Mobile Devices

Liferay Portal is an enterprise web platform for building business solutions. It has been proven that it can significantly speed up the development of enterprise intranets, public web sites, and other web applications.

A complete enterprise web strategy should enable the web applications for mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, and most of other smart phones. Unfortunately, the   Liferay Portal theme available in the community and many of the out-of-box portlets do not work well on mobile devices.

To meet our clients' need for a mobile solution, we create our Liferay mobile framework, which is based on standard technologies like HTML5, CSS 3, and jQuery. No web plugin is needed to view Liferay-based portal sites.
The following screenshots show that our Liferay Portal 6-based mobile framework works pretty well on iPhone with native user experience. It supports generic web contents, documents, images, videos, and Liferay portlets. The test results on iPad and Google Nexus One SmartPhone are same as on iPhone.

Figure 1: First level navigation menu


Figure 2: Second level navigation menu

Figure 3: Page to display medical image


Figure 4: Page to play online video