ForgeLife Professional Services focuses on the development and support of mobile, Liferay Portal, Alfresco Content Management, and eCommerce systems. The ForgeLife service offering includes business analysis, project management and full system lifecycle support including implementations, upgrades and migrations.

The consultants at ForgeLife have decades of systems integration experience that can enhance the capabilities of your enterprise by integration to legacy data sources and evolving social media.

ForgeLife + Liferay

ForgeLife + Liferay

There are many reasons to choose the open source Liferay Portal as your enterprise web platform. With ForgeLife's deep Liferay experience, we can tailor customer solutions starting with powerful built-in components that address specific business needs. If needed, we can create custom development and integration solutions in many aspects, but have particular expertise in the following areas;

  • Liferay-based portal solutions for enterprise web sites, intranets, and other web applications
  • Content Management Systems (CMS) for managing media distribution to users. Media types support documents, videos, audios, images, online articles, records, and more. CMS systems built on Liferay are one of the most popular and flexible ways for businesses to create websites with a high degree of functionality. ForgeLife has years of experience in implementing these type of systems.
  • User management through Liferay built-in modules or by integration with LDAP and SSO
  • Administrative support for commonly integrated applications including faceted search, Alfresco, Jasper Reports, OpenX, Drools, social media, as well as many other proprietary and open source technologies.

Our management team has decades of experience in portal design, architecture, development, management and support. We have spent our careers working in enterprise IT at all sizes of companies from Fortune 500 to startups. ForgeLife understands IT from a customer's point of view and always put our client's needs as our top priority.

ForgeLife + Alfresco

ForgeLife + Alfresco

Based on open source and open standards, Alfresco is a powerful, scalable and extensible Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform. The platform allows organizations to fully manage any type of content from simple office documents to scanned images, photographs, engineering drawings and even large video files. Alfresco product offerings include document management, record management, business process automation, and collaboration that are available on premise, the Cloud and mobile.

The ForgeLife Leadership team has architected and developed several large-scale Alfresco solutions. The seamless integration of Alfresco into Liferay Portal leverages the best features from both platform and offers our clients a poweful and cost-effective solution to their daily business needs.

ForgeLife + Mobile

ForgeLife + Mobile ForgeLife + Mobile

In our relatively short company history, the ForgeLife and its affiliated team have delivered more than 10 mobile and web projects, some of which stayed in Apple Store free application leaderboard for weeks, with millions of installation users. Our mobile development covers the following categories;

  • Native iOS Apps
  • Native Android Apps
  • HTML5 mobile applications for mobile browsers. HTML5 mobile applications look like native Apps in the mobile browser
  • Web sites for regular browsers

ForgeLife has a team of more than 15 iOS and Android architects and senior developers. ForgeLife's mobile applications represent our fastest growing market segment in terms of end-users. 

A Reference Site: The Olympic Athletes' Hub

‚ÄčOlympic Athletes' Hub

The Olympic Athletes' Hub aggregates verified social media feeds of more than 1,000 current and former Olympians, who post content directly from their Facebook and Twitter accounts. The Hub incorporates a gamification layer incentivizing fans to interact with the site. Users are able to access exclusive training-tips videos while gaining virtual and real-world prizes depending on how many athletes they "like" and follow online.

The ForgeLife team actively worked with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) during the whole life cycle of the project. The total number of download in the first three weeks after it was launched is over 100,000.

Our delivery: